Quality Control

Jea Sheng total quality management starts
with raw material inspection.
Every procedure in our production is taken
seriously to ensure Zero defect casting.

Quality control facility

OES analyzer

The OES analyzer quickly analyses the qualitative and quantitative chemical composition for metals, which is used for quality assurance on the composition of the castings before production.

Optical Microscope ,OM

Our company uses Optical Microscope and quantitative software to inspect and analyze the microstructure of metals for continuous quality improvement.

Universal testing machine

The Universal Testing Machine verifies the specifications of our products, such as tensile stress and compressive strength.

Endurance Tester

The endurance tester tests the impact endurance of the austenitic manganese steel for the crossing of railway, to confirm that our products meet the specifications.

Wear test Machine

The Wear Test Machine is to confirm the wear property between material of train and the austenitic manganese steel for our crossing of railway products.

Brinell hardness tester

The Brainell hardness tester is frequently used to determine the hardness of forgings and castings that contain course grain structure.

Leeb hardness tester

The portable Leeb hardness tester is mainly used to test on the larger castings.

Sand mold strength testing machine

With the Sand mold strength testing machine, our company confirms the strength of sand molds in the casting process in order to produce high quality products meeting the specifications.

100 tons Universal testing

Universal testing machine is used to determine the destruction of mechanical components subjects under the maximum load of 100 tons.


3D scanner allows Jea Sheng to compare the actual casting with the 3D CAD drawing. We can guaranty a perfect size casting in every new project.


With this software, Jea Sheng can simulate possible defects before the casting. We can then modify casting method to ensure low ratio or even zero of deformation, crack, gas hole, and shrinkage cavity. We are able to lower manufacturing time and cost of prototype.